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Industrial Drum Crusher Compactor System
In-Plant Model Y83-35

Designed to operate under continuous heavy duty service for industrial applications. Reduces drum storage space and disposal costs.
The model Y83-35 crushes 55 gallon steel drums to 3" high. With the standard drum crusher you can compact products in the drum by simply removing the drum crushing plate. The Drum crusher is operated with a Manual Directional Hydraulic Control Valve. Push Button Cycle Control accessory is available.
Motor 5 HP or 10 HP electric
380V, 3- phase, 50- 60HZ
85,000 pounds of crushing power at 3,000 psi
70,000 pounds of crushing power at 2,500 psi
Container Size: 210L
Height of crushed drums: 3" for 55 gallons drum
Total cycle time: 25-30 sec
Cylinder bore diameter: 6"
Steel push rod solid steel diameter: 4"
Operation Control with Manual Directional Control valve
Piercing point on the crushing plate to allow the compressed air inside of the drum to escape as drum is being crushed.
Drum locator ring keeps drums centered in chamber
Fluid collection reservoir 4.5 gallons
Door interlock system, prevents operation if door is open
Chamber door open 180 degrees to provide clear access to 50% of the chamber area
Hydraulic safety door valve
Rugged, full enclosed crushing chamber
Portability with Fork Lift Truck
Packing capabilities, second compaction head quickly converts drum crusher to drum packing
40 gallon oil reservoir
Relief valve to prevent hydraulic system overload
Emergency stop push button
Electrical control box NEMA- 4 with key lockout
Height: 125"
Width: 35.5"
Depth: 57"
Weight: 3,500 lbs
Meets OSHA and JIC standards
Manuals: Installation, Operation and Maintenance (English, French, Spanish and Russian)
Additional options:
Totally Explosion Proof System
Wand with Piercing Point and Nitrogen Spray (inside of the drums to prevent explosion)
Nitrogen Spray Nozzle (inside of the chamber to prevent explosion)
Adjustable pressure control valve for a safe packing process into the drums
Dutch Door, this is a door that can open from the top and remain closed on the bottom for packing purposes
Electric Push Button for operation control, causes the equipment to go through a full cycle with a push of a button
Vent Fan
Hepa Filter
Drum Ejection System
Conveyor System
Chamber sized up to 85 gallons drum
Fluid collection reservoir sized up to 30 gallons
All international Voltages and Hertz
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